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Integrated Computer Aided Mine Planning Software....ICAMPS

Ohio Automation's ICAMPS (Integrated Computer Aided Mine Planning Software) is a comprehensive, easy to learn and use, yet very complete mine simulation software package. All of our mining software runs entirely inside of AutoCAD so that you have the full power of AutoCAD to manipulate data or open current AutoCAD mine maps.

MineSimU covers the entire planning process - from geological modeling of the deposit to laying out the mine, scheduling and calculating royalty payments. Advanced features are daily as well as monthly timing, longwall moves (or shutdown any machine when an area finishes), scheduling to a target tonnage, many options of adjusting shifts, mining rates, the calendars, grids and more.

MineVent is the most popular and is a feature rich mine ventilation program. MineVent can make your mine ventilation easy to predict. There are many ways to view meaningful and pratical results as well as easily make changes to the map quickly and see the results or even compare to a previous run. MineVent accurately predicts the pressures and quantities throughout the mine.With coloring by branch code and even by overlay coloring parameters.

MineVent 3D is the same functionally as MineVent but allows you to use the full power of AutoCAD 3D features. It also allows for calculating Natural Ventilation Pressure based on the start node and end node elevations and air densities. MineVent 2D above allows for handling up to 4 different levels in a 2D fashion offsetting into different quadrants.

MineWater is designed to analyze the flow of mine discharges through complex piping networks. The program can be used to evaluate the effects of alternate pumps, pipe sizes and flow routings in existing or proposed discharge systems.

MineFire 3D is an application that offers a powerful graphical user interface to the former U.S. Bureau of Mines MFIRE version 2.20 which has been expanded upon and improved by NIOSH to include real-time modifications, now called MFIRE 4.0. MineFire is similar in much of the functionality to MineVent, but the Output options are differerent due to the extra data such as fume fronts, and other parameters that can be viewed based on time.

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