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    About Ohio Automation        
    Founded in 1985, Ohio Automation is located in McArthur Ohio originally it was founded in Athens Ohio . We provide high performance cost-effective solutions for the Engineering industry, including software for underground coal mining that includes Mine Planning, Mine Ventilation, Mine Fire and Mine Water simulations that run as AutoCAD applications. This means all our mining programs have the full power of AutoCAD as well for drawing and minemap manipulation. Ohio Automation was one of the first to develop Mine Planning software and given the long history we are tried and tested, but even better, we believe in our products and listen to customer feedback in all areas and try to program any request in a timely manner. We also provide electronics CAD software for schematics and printed circuit board design.        
    Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Ohio Automation has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!        
    We have 24/7 Technical Support where you will get to talk to a real person.        
    Useful products with great customer support - the combination can't be beat!        
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