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Integrated Computer Aided Mine Planning Software

Ohio Automation's Integrated Computer Aided Mine Planning Software (ICAMPS) is a comprehensive, easy to learn and use, yet very complete underground coal mine simulation software package.

MineSimU runs inside AutoCAD and covers the entire process - from  geological modeling of deposits to laying out the mine, and scheduling and calculating royalty payments. Production and quality forecasts are specific to the area mined each time period, not long term average values. Accurate results combined with rapid computations and convenient editing features allow the mine engineer to try numerous scenarios and find the best combination of operating practices and mine design.

MineVent allows you to simulate mine ventilation networks inside of AutoCAD using a very enhanced version of the Penn. State program (Hardy Cross Method) for the calculations. MineVent has two calculation engines to make it more robust and accurate. It uses the traditional Hardy Cross Method and the Gradient Method which is more robust. It makes it easy to try different scenarios and quickly change and edit your ventilation network. MineWater is very similar to MineVent but applies to mine water and pumping systems. MineFire is similar to MineVent but simulates changes in airflow by changes in the ventilation system, usually due to a fire. MineFire is also full 3D.

    The system consists of the following modules:        
  • MineSimU   -  Underground Mine Planning Simulation
  • MineVent    -  Mine Ventilation System Analysis
  • MineFire   -  Mine Fire System Analysis
  • MineWater  -  Mine Water System Analysis
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